Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Summertime Sadness

I hate summer! To cut a really, long, boring story short - I genuinely suffer severely from hay fever. None of the medicines work any more and so summer for me usually consists of:

Wake up: 8.30am - 9.30am (depending on the day)
Stay inside away from the sun: 9.30am - 7.30/8.00pm
Get some fresh air: 8.00pm onwards...this usually doesn't last long as there are always midgets eating me up outside.
Early morning capture around 6.00am
Last summer, I was promised a job at the local supermarket by the manager who knew me through my week of work experience there. I worked my damn ass off that week just so he would have a good excuse to give me a job. I didn't even ask, he just offered! Then about two months later, he resigned as manager and my promised job went down the drain. I was (and still am!) really pissed off about it. But at least I am not alone. Three other guys I go to school with  were promised a job until this dude resigned and now the new manager is getting rid of workers that were always in the shop and no new jobs are up for grabs! 

Then last Christmas, my parents went out for dinner one night in the new hotel and restaurant in town. One of the waitress' that worked there knew them and asked if I was looking for a part-time job. My parents told her about the whole 'promised job' story and how I still have no job. She suggested that I apply for a job in the hotel. Later, when my parents were leaving, the waitress introduced the manager to my parents. The manager told my parents that she wouldn't be able to bring me in every weekend because the hotel wasn't busy enough but she still would have work for me. All I had to do was call in to her after school the following week with my C.V and she would fill me in on all the details.

I did so, but she was never there to meet me any of the evenings for the following two weeks! I left my c.v in the first evening anyway but still never met her. This left me and my parents a little bit angry at the whole situation. After no reply for at least a month, I emailed me c.v. to the hotels job vacancies email and explained the situation. One week later, no reply. One month later, no reply! Not even as much as a ''...there are no jobs available at the moment''.

Because I live in such a remote area between a village with only one shop and two pubs and a town with one hotel. two supermarkets (one of them will only employ their own family and friends), two butchers and three hairdressers there is unbelievably little jobs available.

I babysit a few neighbours at least once a month if not more for eight to nine hours and get €25. Now there is something seriously wrong with that price when they are awake the whole night and I am expected to play with them as well. But I suppose it could be worse...or could it?

As I knew this summer would consist of no solid income and high pollen levels, I decided that I would complete a few personal tasks between now (literally this second) and September 1st. The first thing on that list, believe it or not, is to actually make the list....!
Taken on a summers evening in 2014 (before I started sneezing)

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